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Feeding a family with nutritious, well-balanced meals every day has just got much more affordable, and a whole lot easier! Chef2Table offers South African families a range of delicious, highly-nutritious complete meals. Our Convenient Mega Meals are Halaal certified, easy to prepare, ideal for health conscious people, and super nutritious. This gives peace of mind that every member of the family is eating healthier by having a complete balanced meal. These are the six Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal flavours available:

Convenient Mega Meals

The Chef2Table one-pot Mega Meal is an affordable meal solution that makes 4 portions and leaves you feeling satisfied, perfect for any South African household. Each balanced meal contains rice, split peas, lentils, and soya mince. These ingredients are Halaal certified. Our nutritious meals come in six different flavours: Beef, Chilli Beef, Mutton, Chicken, Curry, and Vegetable. The Convenient Mega Meal is not just rice with flavouring. It’s a nutritionally-balanced, complete meal that supports a healthy diet. Take a look at how easy it is to prepare a Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal:


Pour all the contents of the 250g sachet into a pot, along with 1L of water. Bring to the boil & cook for 30min or until cooked. Serve and enjoy!


Pour all the contents of the 1kg bag into a pot, along with 4L of water. Bring to the boil & cook for 30min or until cooked. Serve and enjoy!


Chef2Table’s Convenient Meals are Halaal certified. Lack of health can be a real problem in South Africa, as many of us eat foods like bread and potatoes. To make matters worse, lots of foods that we eat don’t provide the sustained energy South Africans need every day. Chef2Table’s Convenient Mega Meals will give every member of the family enough energy to get through the day, without making them feel tired during the day. These are the ingredients and nutrients found in every Chef2Table Mega Meal:

NutrientUnit of measurePER 100gPER 62.5g SERVING%NRV PER SERVING
Glycaemic Carbohydrateg593759
of which total sugarsg3.42.13.4
Total Fatg1.30.81.3
of which Saturated fatg0.40.30.4
of whch Monounsaturatedg0.30.20.3
of which Polyunsaturatedg0.50.30.5
of which Tranfatg000
Dietary Fibre#g7.4523-30g per day*
Total Sodiummg389243
Glycaemic Index** Glycaemic loadLow GIGL 18Less than 2400 mg per day*

*South African Prudent Dietary Goals
**Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (R146, 1 March 2010, Annexure 3)
***g/100g Salt calculated
++Glycaemic Index determined in accordance with ISO 26642:2010 protocol


The health of our body affects every part of life, like when working or spending time with family. To make sure that we give our body what it needs, we need to eat healthy food every day. Impilo Amandla means “health is strength”, and Chef2Table hopes to strengthen every family in South Africa with affordable, easy to cook meals that are healthy and delicious!

Choose health. Choose strength. Choose Chef2Table.

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Our Convenient Mega Meal is both affordable and nutritious. Many South African families don’t eat balanced meals because ‘healthy’ food has become so expensive. For this reason, we hope to make our Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal available to all families, everywhere. If you’d like to stock the Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal in your retail outlet, please get in touch with us through the contact form below to find out more.

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Recipes & Articles

The Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal is not just a complete meal solution on its own. It also works well when paired with other food items, like vegetables and meats! If you’d like to download recipes that use the Chef2Table Convenient Mega Meal, or read interesting articles on the importance of healthy eating, be sure to visit our blog page!