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Chef2Table believes that every family has a right to eating nutritious meals every day. We also believe that access to complete balanced meals shouldn’t be expensive. This is why we hope to make our Convenient Mega Meals available to all consumers, no matter where they live. If you’d like to provide your customers with affordable, nutritious meal options like the Convenient Mega Meal, please fill in the contact form below to enquire about becoming a Chef2Table distributor:

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Chef2Table Pallet Configurations

250g Boxes
Pallets (Option 1) 1200 x 1000
12 units – 250g per outer carton
20 cartons per row
7 rows per pallet
= 140 cartons per pallet
= 1680 per pallet

1kg Bags
Pallets (Option 1) 1200 x 1000mm
25 units – 1kg per outer carton
4 cartons (packed horizontally/ flat) 2 cartons (packed vertically/by side)
5 rows per pallet
=30 cartons per pallet
=750 per pallet

Dimensions of the cartons will be as follows:

For 250g box – 295 x 190 x 140mm

For 1kg bags – 475 x 375 x 181mm

Chef2Table’s USP

What sets the Chef2Table Mega Meal apart from its competitors? The products currently found in this sector are primarily meal enhancers. In other words, they aren’t complete nutritional meals on their own. Flavoured rice, for example, only increases the tastiness of the rice itself.

In contrast, the Convenient Mega Meal stands on its own as a complete balanced meal. Families from every walk of life can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals without having to break the bank. The Convenient Mega Meals are affordable enough for even the lowest LSM families to stock up in bulk and leave the table feeling completely satisfied after every meal.