Chilli Beef Mince Taco’s


  • 1x 250g Chef2Table Chilli Beef Flavour    
  • 500g  Beef Mince         
  • Traditional Soft Flour Wraps (can be home-made)         
  • 1x Green Pepper
  • 1x Tomato       
  • 1x Onion 50ml Cooking Oil


  1. Thoroughly rinse stir-fry, pepper and mushroom pack. Thoroughly rinse Beef mince, roughly chop up one onion, cut pepper and tomato into small cubes
  2. Add 1 teaspoon margarine and add stir-fry and pepper pack, cook for 10 minutes, then add half chopped mushrooms. Cook Beef mince on high until water reduces +/-45 minutes, add oil once there is no water, add chopped onions and cook until onions is transparent
  3. Once water has reduced from the mushroom add all spices – if getting caught add a teaspoon of margarine, cook food +/- 35 minutes. Add Salt and Black Pepper to Beef Mince for seasoning, once Beef Mince is cooked add cubed peppers and tomato for 5 minutes
  4. Cook 250g Chef2Table Chilli Beef in 1l boiling water for 30 minutes.   
  5. Once Chef2Table is cooked add in Beef Mince mixture and toss all together.  
  6. Place Flour Wraps on hot pan for 15 seconds on each side, and fill in rice mixture as desired.