Feeding Schemes

Poverty eradication is something every South African president since Nelson Mandela has prioritised while in power. This can be seen in the government’s establishment of the National Schools Nutrition Programme (previously called the Primary School Nutrition Programme) in 1994. The feeding scheme feeds more than 9 million children from over 20,000 schools across the nation.

South Africa has one of the highest poverty rates in the world, with over half of the population living well below the national poverty line of R992 per month. This means that more than 30 million people can barely afford to feed and clothe themselves – let alone their families. With critical expenses like transport and rent often taking priority, things like clothing and school fees (and in some cases food) are sometimes pushed aside.

A family’s breadwinners need healthy, balanced meals daily to give them the strength and energy needed to do their jobs and earn a living. However, more important is the need for growing children to eat healthy food every day. With proper nutrition, growing children have more energy and are able to perform at their best while in class. Chef2Table provides feeding schemes in South Africa, supporting impoverished members of our surrounding communities with hot, healthy meals.

  • Many feeding schemes don’t cater to the needs of health-vulnerable individuals in the community. The Mega Meal is a complete, nutritious feeding solution.
  • Our balanced meals provide a super-nutritious alternative to what is currently being used in the South African feeding schemes community. What’s more, the delicious meals we provide are Halaal certified.
  • The Chef2Table feeding scheme meals require minimal effort to prepare. A single pot with water is all that is needed to prepare the entire meal, which can be cooked using fire, gas or electricity.
  • The Mega Meal comes pre-mixed in the packaging, where all of the ingredients are preblended and ready for cooking. This makes them practical in the sense that cookers don’t have to source each ingredient individually.

We hope to feed as many impoverished South Africans as possible with our Chef2Table feeding schemes, and our motto of #EzempiloAmandla reminds us that our nutritious meals give families the health and strength needed to thrive.